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The definition of counselling is "the provision of professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological problems."

As a counsellor I cannot tell you what you should do, but I can listen to you, and ask you the difficult, and sometimes hard to hear, and hard to answer questions, that will make you think about situations in a different way.
Sometimes when we have a problem, we only see things in a certain way. Counselling will help you to see other angles, which with time will help you work out your own solution, or find the light at the end of the tunnel.

Counselling is not a quick fix, it takes time. But in my experience, people that have sought me out in the past, are glad they have had someone to talk to. They have told me things sometimes, they have never admitted to themselves before, and certainly not to anyone else.

I specialise in the following areas of counselling relationship counselling, bereavement counselling, domestic abuse counselling, rape counselling, chronic illness counselling. Online counselling is convenient for everyone. No waiting for appointments. No getting time off work. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, get it all down in an email.
A reply is guaranteed within 48 hours

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